Drones news

Le 28/02/2020 12:49 | Par Alexandre Rocchi

ICAO: Africa supports the development of drones

Le 19/02/2020 12:11 | Par Alexandre Rocchi

UTM: Frequentis and Altitude Angel enter the Norwegian market

Le 31/01/2020 09:10 | Par Alexandre Rocchi

The United States decrees drones grounding

Le 29/01/2020 09:15 | Par Alexandre Rocchi

The UK wants to rely on drones for nuclear dismantling

Last news

Le 20/12/2019 12:22 | Par Alexandre Rocchi

First test fire for French UAVs

French Reaper drones stationed in Niamey conducted their first test firing.

Le 26/08/2019 17:27 | Par Alexandre Rocchi

A new order for Drone Volt

Drone Volt announced it received a new order for two drones Altura Zenith.

Le 29/07/2019 09:47 | Par Alexandre Rocchi

Drone Rescue Systems tested its parachute solution

ASTM approves Drone Rescue Systems’s parachute.

Le 17/07/2019 17:20 | Par Alexandre Rocchi

DroneShield unveils the DroneGun MKIII

DroneShield developed a new handheld anti-drone solution.