Elbit Systems wins contract in Asia © DR

| Alexandre Rocchi

Elbit Systems wins contract in Asia

Elbit Systems has announced it has been awarded a contract in Southeast Asia for several drone models.

On October 6, Elbit Systems announced it has been awarded a contract worth $153 million by a Southeast Asian state. The Israeli company will provide the army of an unspecified country with several drone models. Under the contract, Elbit Systems will supply a networked multi-layered UAV solution, including more than a 1000 THOR Multi-Rotor Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) mini-UAV as well as scores of Skylark LEX and Skylark 3. The Hermes 450 tactical drone will also be delivered. The whole delivery, which detail per aircraft has not been specified, will be performed over the next 22 months.

The Skylark LEX, operated by the Israeli armed forces and several NATO countries, makes it easy to conduct ISR missions thanks to its design enabling it to evolve autonomously, without the need for a remote pilot. As for the mini tactical drone Skylark 3, it is a heavier version, with 6 hours range and a maximum takeoff weight of 40 kg.

Elbit Southeast Asia Hermes 450 Skylark 3 Skylark LEX THOR

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