Counter-UAV: The UK issues a strategy
Counter-UAV: The UK issues a strategy
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Counter-UAV: The UK issues a strategy

The United Kingdom has adopted an anti-drone strategy to set up initiatives to defend against malicious uses. The aim is to be able to protect sensitive infrastructures.

In late October, the United Kingdom released its counter-Unmanned Aircraft strategy. It provides insights to defend against the malicious use of drones, while keeping in mind the desire to preserve an economic sector that is expected to grow significantly over the next few years. Forecasts for 2030 anticipates more than 76,000 commercial drones will be in service. While this development represents a good dynamic for companies in the sector, it also brings risks of unauthorized overflights. However, the UK was already confronted with this situation and has understood the stakes. Indeed, in 2018 UAVs flew over Gatwick, significantly impacting the airport’s activity and more broadly air traffic. A hundred and sixty-eight incidents were reported by the British police last year.

Among the proposals, the UK strategy sets out a new anti-drone mobile unit equipped with detection and neutralization capabilities, that can be deployed by police and other emergency services to protect major events and quickly respond to incidents caused by drones across the UK.

In addition, the unveiled strategy highlights the interest of increasing cooperation between the government and industry. The challenge is to include security issues from the design of drones to avoid certain incidents. We could think of geofencing and geocaging technologies.

Finally, a study about anti-drone technologies will be conducted over the next three years. The goal is to accompany the police but also the owners of sensitive sites, so that everyone is equipped with counter-drone systems adapted to their needs. Indeed, there is currently no “miracle” solution to address all threats and protect critical sites and events. The challenge lies particularly in the means of neutralization.

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