First flight of the Loyal Wingman
First flight of the Loyal Wingman
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First flight of the Loyal Wingman

Boeing announced the successful completion of the first flight of the Loyal Wingman UAV.

Royal Australian Air Force.

Boeing announced on Monday, March 1 that it has completed the first flight of the Loyal Wingman with the Royal Australian Air Force. This drone, developed in Australia, was operated by a Boeing team from the Woomera Range Complex, a test area belonging to the RAAF.


Manned - unmanned teaming.

This first flight represents a major milestone in the program, aimed at developing a UAV for use in a complex system, and thus allowing the unmanned aircraft to be integrated into a bubble where it will be able to cooperate with manned aircraft. The program is based on the manned-unammend teaming approach, where UAVs and fighters can jointly carry out a mission. The UAV can thus protect the manned platform against opposing defenses, and can complement the fighter's attack capabilities. In order to make the different platforms communicate, systems communication is a critical axis, which relies on artificial intelligence.


Prior to this flight, ground tests had been conducted by Boeing and the RAAF. For this first flight, the Loyal Wingman followed a trajectory determined upstream, enabling it to fly at different altitudes and speeds.

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