Indonesia is interested by UTM solutions
Indonesia is interested by UTM solutions
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Indonesia is interested by UTM solutions

The company Terra Drone Indonesia carried out a demonstration of its UTM system before the Indonesian authorities.

On August 13, Terra Drone has announced it has conducted a demonstration in Indonesia of its drone air traffic management system — also known as UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management). This platform, developed together with Unifly, aims at facilitating the administrative procedures necessary for RPASs’ flights as well as enabling their insertion in air trafic. The two companies already introduced a common UTM solution system to Taiwan in June.

The demonstration conducted by Terra Drone Indonesia was to show the characteristics and capacities of the system before AirNav — the agency responsible of air trafic control in Indonesia. The UTM platform of Terra Drone enables to track drones’ flights in real time and to manage all the operations of declared RPASs. Combined with sensors and information related to the conventional aviation, this kind of platform can allow AirNav to have access to a cartography of air trafic in real time.

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