Poland deploys its Kamikaze UAV
Poland deploys its Kamikaze UAV

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Poland deploys its Kamikaze UAV

The Warmate UAV is deployed in the Polish forces.


The Chief of General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Rajmund Andrzejczak, approved the operational deployment of the Warmate UAV. Created by the Polish company WB Electronics, this commissioning follows a contract for 1,000 rounds of ammunition signed in 2017, the amount of which is not known. After an initial delivery of one hundred units, the deployment was suspended due to problems with the


A new prowling ammunition

The Warmate UAV is a weapon system weighing less than 7 kilograms, with an impact speed of over 130 km/h, a range of 70 minutes, and a range of 15 kilometers. Guided by an operator on the ground using a ruggedized laptop computer, it has an autonomous flight capability. It can optionally receive an infrared camera. The system can be configured with explosive, fragmentation or thermobaric warheads. However, it would not have swarm flight capabilities.


Enhancing ground capability

Intended for front-line units, the Warmate can handle a wide range of targets, from ambush fighters to light armored vehicles. WB Electronics has already exported the Warmate to at least two other countries, one being an unspecified NATO member, and the other a Middle Eastern country that would likely be the UAE. One of these, for example, was found in Libya last year. The development of the Warmate coincides with Poland's desire to strengthen its land capability. This unique European suicide ammunition program was motivated by the potential threat of a conflict with Russia and the numerical inferiority of Polish forces.


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