Joint venture: Ukraine to produce Turkish UAVs
Joint venture: Ukraine to produce Turkish UAVs

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Joint venture: Ukraine to produce Turkish UAVs

According to Vadym Ihorovych, Managing Director of Ukrspetsexport, Ukraine and Turkey are currently developing a joint venture for the production of Turkish UAVs.

Bayraktar TB2 UAVs.

In an interview, the General Manager of Ukspetesexport, the Ukrainian company in charge of exports, announced that 48 Bayraktar TB2 UAV systems could soon be produced in Ukraine. This is in any case the aim of the joint venture that is being set up between the country and Turkey.


Black Sea Shield company

This announcement is part of an older cooperation between the two nations. Already in 2019 the Black Sea Shield company was created, another joint venture in the framework of which Ukraine notably produced elements of the Anka UAV, this time from TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries), such as engines and guided munitions. Ukrspetsexport was responsible for establishing this JV. The new structure currently being created should have important similarities with Black Sea Shield, but will focus on the Baykar industrialist Baykar's Bayraktar TB2 UAV. Part of the production (between 6 and 12 systems) could moreover directly equip the Ukrainian forces.



The issue of exports has also been studied by the two partner countries. Turkey will be in charge of continuing its commercial commitments with its current customers, such as Azerbaijan. Ukraine will be able to export to all other countries. For the moment, there is no mention of any particular restrictions concerning export zones. Nevertheless, Vadym Ihorovych specified that the drones produced in Ukraine would not be completely the same as those produced in Turkey, without going into detail about the differences in question.



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