The S-100’s first mission for the European Maritime Safety Agency © Schiebel

| Alexandre Rocchi

The S-100’s first mission for the European Maritime Safety Agency

Schiebel announced that its VTOL Camcopter S-100 would conduct missions for Croatian coast guards.

Last July 23, the Austrian manufacturer Schiebel announced that its Camcopter S-100 drone would be used to help Croatian coast guards. Therefore, in Croatia, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transports and Infrastructure made a mission request to the EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) regarding this cooperation.

Indeed, in November 2018, Schiebel announced they have got a contract with the European agency to conduct missions with drones in maritime environment. On EMSA’s request, Schiebel is therefore operating on sea surveillance. Croatia is the first Member State of the EU to have requested to benefit from these services to the European agency.

The surveillance missions to help Croatian coast guards will start during the summer. The Camcopter S-100 will be used for several types of missions: research and rescue, controls, surveillance, support, etc. With this in mind, “the Camcopter S-100 drone will be based on the island of Brač and will operate regular patrol flights, surveillance missions on request as well as more specific inspection missions”, says Schiebel.

To this end, it will be equipped with a series of sensors including a EO/IR camera (electro-optic / infrared) L3, a sensor PT-8 Oceanwatch and the receiver AIS (automatic identification system).

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