Dubai Airshow 2019: armed UAVs make their mark
Dubai Airshow 2019: armed UAVs make their mark
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Dubai Airshow 2019: armed UAVs make their mark

All over the world, UAVs are being deployed by an ever-increasing number of armed forces — including in the Middle East, where China has emerged as the preferred supplier.

The drones will be an essential part of the upcoming Dubai Airshow 2019 which begins on November 17. Regardless of the doctrine governing its employment, the armed unmanned vehicle (UAV) has become an indispensable asset for many armed forces around the world, including those in the Middle Eastern countries. In this region, there are two main trends. On the one hand, imports of aircraft, coming mainly from China but also from Turkey …… One of the countries to have turned towards China for its UAVs requirement is Jordan ...... Saudi Arabia’s acquisition of armed UAVs from China dates back to 2014 ..... The United Arab Emirates, meanwhile, decided to turn to Chinese manufacturers after the U.S. refused to approve the sale of Predator UAVs in an armed version …..

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