Airbus Helicopters

Defence 25/02/2021

Airbus Helicopter and the UK Puma replacement market

Civil Aviation 08/10/2020

ACH130 Aston Martin Edition helicopter wins orders across the world

Civil Aviation 24/09/2020

Corail Hélicoptères on the front lines of Mauritius oil spill with the H130

Defence 16/09/2020

Hong Kong Government Flying Service’s H175 fleet reaches 5,000 flight hours

Civil Aviation 18/09/2020

The first H160 flight simulator is ready

Industry 27/04/2020

The State to the rescue of Airbus Helicopters

MRO 03/02/2020

Heli-Expo 2020: Airbus Helicopters added 250 helicopters to HCare support contracts

Civil Aviation 31/01/2020

Heli-Expo 2020: Airbus ends with more than 40 sales

Civil Aviation 30/12/2019

Aston Martin takes to the skies with Airbus

Defence 10/12/2019

Airbus secures availability of the Tiger, Cougar and Caracal helicopters

Dubai Airshow 2019 27/11/2019

Air&Cosmos Int'l digital mag issue 10 is available. Dubai Airshow, Indian Rafale and helicopter focus

Defence 30/10/2019

Airbus H125 makes its police debut in Austria

Defence 28/10/2019

Germany takes delivery of its first NH90 Sea Lion

Civil Aviation 10/10/2019

Air Greenland selects H225 helicopters for SAR operations

Defence 04/10/2019

12 to 20 Airbus H225M helicopters more for the French Air Force?

Defence 24/09/2019

Airbus A400M tests helicopter air-to-air refueling

Defence 30/08/2019

Airbus and EFW will carry out maintenance for the Bundeswehr’s NH90s

Civil Aviation 28/08/2019

Second Airbus five-bladed H145 prototype performs maiden flight

Civil Aviation 25/07/2019

First Airbus’s ACH160 customer from the Asia-Pacific region

Civil Aviation 22/07/2019

Airbus’s H145 starts its flight campaign in Chile

Industry 12/07/2019

Airbus Helicopters acquires its Italian distributor Aersud Elicotteri

Civil Aviation 24/04/2019

China receives first Airbus H215 helicopter

Industry 19/04/2019

Airbus H135 assembly line in China opens

Defence 17/04/2019

Australia extends ARH Tiger support contract

Defence 21/03/2019

Airbus confirms H145M bid in Australia

Civil Aviation 11/03/2019

Airbus H160 completes cold weather testing in Finland

Civil Aviation 08/03/2019

Airbus Helicopters announces 43 orders at Heli-Expo

Civil Aviation 04/03/2019

Airbus Helicopters unveils new H145

Defence 30/01/2019

Republic of Korea Air Force receives first Airbus A330 MRTT

Industry 23/01/2019

Airbus Helicopters reports sales boost in 2018

Defence 10/01/2019

Indonesian Air Force orders eight additional H225Ms

Defence 04/01/2019

Ukraine takes delivery of first Airbus H225s

Industry 19/12/2018

First production Airbus H160 takes off

Defence 17/12/2018

Hungary orders 16 Airbus H225M multi-role helicopters

Defence 14/12/2018

Airbus H215, H145 helicopters for Germany

Industry 29/11/2018

Airbus Helicopters boosts MRO capacity in Japan

Defence 26/11/2018

Serbia receives first Airbus H145M

Defence 22/11/2018

Airbus: German Navy NH90 on course for delivery target

Civil Aviation 15/11/2018

New Zealand picks Airbus H145 for aeromedical mission

Civil Aviation 29/10/2018

Airbus Helicopters scores EMS successes in North America

Defence 24/10/2018

Royal Thai Air Force receives two more H225Ms

Civil Aviation 19/10/2018

Engine warranty extension, enhanced avionics for Airbus H145

Civil Aviation 18/10/2018

Helitech: Airbus posts new orders

Industry 16/10/2018

Helitech: Airbus issues Racer programme update

Industry 01/10/2018

Airbus Helicopters delivers first H135 for China

Defence 20/09/2018

Royal Thai Air Force orders four more H225Ms

Civil Aviation 10/09/2018

Aramco to lease five H145s

Civil Aviation 04/09/2018

Japan's Hiratagakuen strengthens aeromedical fleet

Farnborough 2018 18/07/2018

Farnbororough 2018: Japan Coast Guard signs up for H225 support

Industry 13/07/2018

First pre-production H160 coming together

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