Russian Helicopters to upgrade Mi-26T2
Russian Helicopters to upgrade Mi-26T2
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Russian Helicopters to upgrade Mi-26T2

Russian Helicopters has announced plans to modernize its Mi-26T2 heavylift helicopter for the Russian Ministry of Defense. The company is currently finalizing technical specifications for the helicopter, designated Mi-26T2V, which will be able to take off and land on unprepared sites.

The upgrade will focus on handling characteristics and the helicopter’s navigation and communication capabilities. The result will be a “heavy, around-the-clock, troop transport helicopter capable of performing combat missions in the most adverse climatic and weather conditions."

The company says the Mi-26T2V will be able to fly to any region, including those with complex geographical and unfavorable weather conditions, at any time, on equipped and unequipped routes, on new routes, above featureless terrain, under fire and in the presence of enemy countermeasures.

The Mi-26T2V will have an autopilot and avionics that would allow it to operate at any time using an electronic display and a new navigation and piloting system. It will also be equipped with a modernized digital communication suite and an onboard defence system to increase survivability.

Mi-26Ts in various versions are widely used to perform a variety of tasks – transport, evacuation, firefighting and other missions around the world. The Mi-26T is capable of transporting up to 20t of cargo internally or on an external sling.

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