Paris Air Show 2017
Paris 2017: CAE releases airline pilot demand outlook
Paris 2017: CAE releases airline pilot demand outlook

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Paris 2017: CAE releases airline pilot demand outlook

Canadian simulator/pilot training specialist CAE has released its first CAE Airline Pilot Demand Outlook, a 10-year view of airline pilot needs around the world.

CAE has released its first CAE Airline Pilot Demand Outlook, providing the airline industry with the company’s forecast concerning future need for professional pilots in commercial aviation. The 10-year view addresses airline pilot needs around the world.

The report exposes a global requirement for 255,000 new airline pilots over the next 10 years to sustain the growth of the commercial air transport industry and support retirements. It also reports a need to develop 180,000 first officers into airline captains, a greater number than in any previous decade.

The document breaks down the numbers by region and provides a thorough analysis of the training needs of the aviation industry.

CAE notes that the majority of today's pilots have probably been in contact with CAE at some point in their career, whether it be in one of the company’s academies, training centres, or in a CAE full-flight simulator. This places CAE in a unique position to understand the training process and estimate future demand.

"The airline industry will need 70 new type-rated pilots per day for the next 10 years to meet global demand," said Nick Leontidis, CAE Group President, Civil Aviation Training Solutions. "This record demand will challenge current pilot recruitment channels and development programmes. New and innovative pilot career pathways and training systems will be required to meet the industry's pilot needs and ever-evolving safety, competency and efficiency standards."

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