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Helitech: Airbus posts new orders
Helitech: Airbus posts new orders
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Helitech: Airbus posts new orders

Airbus Helicopters reported a series of new orders at Helitech International 2018.

Airbus Helicopters reported a series of new orders at Helitech International 2018 in Amsterdam (16th - 18th October).

French Alps-based civil operator SAF Group ordered six helicopters for emergency medical service (EMS) operations, mountain rescue, aerial work and passenger transport. The order includes three light single and three light twin helicopters to be operated in Metropolitan France and in the Reunion Island, where SAF has recently acquired Hélilagon. Delivery of the six aircraft is planned for 2019. SAF’s fleet is mainly composed of light singles and twins, including 24 helicopters of the H135 family type, making SAF one of the largest H135 commercial operator in France.

• Norwegian helicopter operator Helitrans ordered four light single H125s for a wide range of missions that cover power line construction and firefighting as well as sightseeing trips, photo shoots and reindeer herding. The aircraft are scheduled for delivery in spring 2019. Including the four new aircraft, the Helitrans fleet will include 22 Airbus light single helicopters, mainly of the H125 type and two H130s.

DRF Luftrettung — one of the biggest Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) operators in Germany — signed a contract confirming the delivery of three previously ordered H145s in 2019. This will bring the H145 fleet of DRF Luftrettung to 17, making them one of the biggest H145 operators worldwide.

• Air rescue operator Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB signed a framework contract for up to six H135s with Helionix. Additionally, they activated a first batch of three aircraft to be delivered in 2019 and 2020. ANWB — the sole HEMS operator in the Netherlands — already operates six H135s and two H145s.

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