Helibras delivers two more H225Ms
Helibras delivers two more H225Ms
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Helibras delivers two more H225Ms

Airbus Helicopters’ Brazilian subsidary, Helibras, has delivered a further two H225M helicopters to the Brazilian armed forces, which has ordered a total of 50 machines.

In recent weeks, Airbus Helicopters subsidiary Helibras has delivered two additional H225M medium-lift helicopters to the Brazilian armed forces, bringing the total fleet to 28.

The first one — destined for the Army — has been delivered in full operational configuration, including specially designed mission systems unique to the Army. Based in Taubaté and operated by the 1o BAvEx, this is the ninth H225M to integrate the Brazilian Army’s fleet.

The second one — in full operational Combat SAR configuration – has been delivered to the Air Force and will be based in Río de Janeiro to be operated by the 3o/8o GAV. This delivery brings the Air Force’s H225M fleet to 12 helicopters.

In all, the company is expected to deliver four H225Ms to the Armed Forces in 2017. Deliveries of the remaining helicopters foreseen by the contract — a total of 50 H225M — are expected to be completed by 2022.

Brazilian H225Ms are assembled at Helibras’ Itajuba plant. To boost national content, Helibras has developed a local supply chain, which currently includes 37 Brazilian companies. Helibras also has a state of the art engineering centre which develops in-country specific mission systems for Brazil’s Armed Forces’ H225M.

Other H225M milestones this year include the qualification of the H225M naval combat version.

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