H145M in laser guided rocket tests
H145M in laser guided rocket tests
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H145M in laser guided rocket tests

Airbus Helicopters has completed laser guided rocket (LGR) tests with the H145M platform.

Airbus Helicopters has announced the successful completion of laser guided rocket (LGR) tests with its new H145M platform at the Älvdalen test range of the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration flight test centre. The tests, using Thales FZ275 LGRs, were performed in the first weeks of December 2017.

The electro-optical system (MX-15D) from L3 Wescam with embedded laser designation enabled a deviation of less than one metre for all rockets fired at a distance of up to 4.5km. The 70mm LGR enhances the H145M’s engagement capabilities, fulfilling precision strike needs by reducing the risk of collateral damage, particularly during asymmetric combat operations.

Following the success of ballistic firing tests, held in Hungary in October 2017, the LGR tests mark another step in Airbus Helicopters’ HForce development strategy to boost the H145M mission capability.

Final qualification of the ballistic HForce system on the H145M is scheduled for the end of this year, while that of the laser-guided rockets is planned for end 2019.

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