Daher opens new facility in Mexico
Daher opens new facility in Mexico
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Daher opens new facility in Mexico

The new plant, Daher’s second in Mexico, is a logistics centre serving a nearby Airbus Helicopters facility that produces A320 doors.

French aerospace and advanced technologies specialist Daher has inaugurated a new industrial and logistics facility in Queretaro, Mexico. The facility is located in close proximity to an Airbus Helicopters plant specialising in metallic aerostructures.

The Daher facility currently employs 20 people, mostly recruited locally. Daher already operates a site in Mexico, at Nogales, near the U.S. border, which produces composite aircraft parts.

The new site will supply the Airbus production centre, which builds over-wing emergency exit doors and cargo hold doors for A320 aircraft. Daher operations will range from planning and procurement of parts and chemical products used in the production of A320 doors, to management of materials shipped to Mexico by Airbus Helicopters Germany, along with customs clearance, inspection and storage.

Daher performs pre-cutting of aluminium sheets used by Airbus Helicopters to produce the doors. Finished products return to Daher for packing and shipment to the A320 final assembly lines.

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