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Airbus offers “green” delivery flights
Airbus offers “green” delivery flights
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Airbus offers “green” delivery flights

Airbus is offering delivery flights from Toulouse using a blend of sustainable jet fuel. The option will be extended to aircraft deliveries from Hamburg and Mobile in 2018.

Airbus is offering its customers the option of delivering new jets using a blend of sustainable jet fuel. The 15th A350-900 for Cathay Pacific departed Toulouse on June 1st, bound for Hong Kong, with a 10% blend of sustainable jet fuel. Since the first delivery in May 2016, all of Cathay Pacific’s A350s have been delivered in this configuration.

The biofuel delivery flight concept, originally devised by Cathay Pacific in 2015, is now in full operation and this latest delivery flight confirms that the supply chain set up a year ago by Airbus and Total is functioning correctly, from fuel production, through integrated management at its Saint-Martin Toulouse site and customer delivery.

The first delivery flights from Hamburg, Germany and Mobile, U.S., using this type of biofuel are planned as of 2018. Since 2016, Airbus has offered this option for its delivery flights from Toulouse.

As part of its environmental strategy, Airbus intends to continue its efforts by collaborating with all stakeholders in the biofuels sector. "Through this partnership with Cathay Pacific and Total, we have demonstrated that it is possible to set up supply chains for fuels with a low carbon footprint,” Frederic Eychenne, Head of New Energies at Airbus, declared. “This initiative confirms Airbus’ commitment to environmental efficiency and its support toward international aviation's emission reduction targets.”

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