French Air Force

Defence 20/12/2019

First test fire for French UAVs

Defence 25/11/2019

Electronic warfare: ARCHANGE is launched

Defence 04/10/2019

12 to 20 Airbus H225M helicopters more for the French Air Force?

Defence 07/08/2019

Contract Notice for A340s maintenance

Space 26/07/2019

France fleshes out its military space strategy

Defence 08/07/2019

Reception of a second A330 Phénix by the French Air Force

Defence 03/07/2019

Mont-de-Marsan hosts the Garuda exercice

Defence 13/06/2019

Rafale arrival in Qatar

Defence 29/03/2019

Phénix flies first French AF mission

Defence 18/03/2019

French AF releases Chammal, Barkhane data

Defence 18/12/2018

France orders three more Airbus A330 MRTT tankers

Defence 22/10/2018

French AF officially welcomes first Phénix tanker

Defence 17/10/2018

French AF starts Phénix tanker trials

Defence 09/10/2018

French AF receives first PC-21s

Industry 27/06/2018

Air&Cosmos International digital issue 3, coming very soon and before Farnborough

Defence 16/01/2018

French Air Force welcomes first C-130J

Defence 23/11/2017

First French C-130J takes to the air

Defence 23/10/2017

First French C-130J-30 rolls out

Defence 07/09/2017

France to fit weapons on Reaper drones

Defence 20/07/2017

AFI KLM E&M wins French AWACS tender

Defence 19/07/2017

Future French AF trainer makes first flight

Industry 18/07/2017

Latécoère breaks ground on smart factory

Defence 10/02/2017

French, UK, Spanish fighters intercept Russian bombers

Civil Aviation 23/01/2017

Gama Aviation Hutchison partners with China Aircraft Services Limited.

Defence 10/01/2017

France expands Reaper fleet

Defence 04/01/2017

Pilatus sells 21 PC-21s

Civil Aviation 15/12/2016

Chinese group orders 30 EMS helicopters from Leonardo

Defence 22/11/2016

U.S. approves Certifiable Predator B sale to UK

Industry 09/09/2016

Safran delivers first U.S.-built Arrius 2R

Defence 07/07/2016

French Air Force, DCI inaugurate innovation/training centres

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