Zunum Aero is suffering economically
Zunum Aero is suffering economically
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Zunum Aero is suffering economically

The young company is lacking funds and announces a year of delay regarding the development of the electric hybrid aircraft.

Zunum Aero suffers economically. Since October 2018, the company has forced to dismiss a large number of employees while seeking additional fundings. In a recent quarterly report, the young company stated that its project of developing a hybrid-electric aircraft will suffer a year of delay.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has advanced $281,000 funds on a total of subventions worth $800,000 for the development of a prototype powered by an electric hybrid propulsion system of 1,000 kW (1 340 hp). The ZA10, configured in 10 seats, should be able to operate on regional aerial routes of 600 NM (1,100 km).

Boeing HorizonX and JetBlue Technology Ventures are parts of Zunum Aero’s first investors.

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