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Vinci Airports launches SAF at Toulon Hyères
Vinci Airports launches SAF at Toulon Hyères

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Vinci Airports launches SAF at Toulon Hyères

Toulon Hyères airport is the third hub in Vinci Airports' management portfolio to be supplied with SAF, after Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne and Grenoble Alpes Isère.

Manager Vinci Airports, operator of Toulon Hyères, and WFS, holder of the platform's refueling contract, are launching a SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) supply service for airlines at the airport. The fuels will be distributed in a 30% blend with conventional kerosene. To distribute these fuels, Vinci Airports and WFS have chosen a 100% electric refueling truck, which will maximize the positive impact of this new service.

Three VINCI Airports-managed airports supplied with SAF 

Vinci Airports is thus continuing the deployment of SAF on its network with supplies made available at Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport and Grenoble Alpes Isère Airport. For the record, SAF reduces CO2 emissions by 80% over the entire life cycle compared to fossil fuels. According to all the world's air transport experts, the use of SAFs will account for 60% of the decarbonization trajectory of global air transport, which should make it possible to achieve "net zero" CO2 emissions by 2050.

Landing fee modulation system

Vinci Airports says that airlines using SAF will benefit from a bonus under the landing fee eco-modulation scheme implemented by Vinci Airports since 2020 in France. This system of modulation of landing fees (bonus/malus) according to aircraft CO2 emissions indeed allows companies emitting less CO2 (more efficient fleet, use of SAF...) to benefit from a reduction on their landing fees. 

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