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Tigerair Taiwan adds fifteen Airbus A320neos to its fleet © Tigerair

| Alexandre Rocchi

Tigerair Taiwan adds fifteen Airbus A320neos to its fleet

Tigerair Taiwan plans to lease eight A320neos and purchase seven further aircraft from Airbus.

Tigerair Taiwan plans to add fifteen Airbus A320neo aircraft to its fleet. Whilst the Taiwanese airline will acquire seven of them from Airbus, it will also lease eight further aircraft. Deliveries of the A320neos are expected by 2021. The aim of Tigerair Taiwan is to strengthen its presence in Japan which already represents 80% of its flight program. The low-cost carrier based at Taoyuan International Airport is already operating eleven Airbus A320ceo aircraft in 25 destinations in the Philippines, in China, South Korea and Thaïlande, in addition to Japan.

Meanwhile, Tigerair Taiwan’s parent company China Airlines (CAL) will launch an initial public offering (IPO) for the low-cost carrier. The Taiwanese airline’s shares worth NT$1.845 billion (US$59.36 million) will be sold for the first time on the open market in the last quarter of 2020, at a subscription price of NT$41. CAL holds a 90% share in the airline founded in 2013 —  the remaining 10 percent being hold by its affiliate, Mandarin Airlines. Last year, Tigerair Taiwan made NT$1 billion (US$32 million) profit, translating into an earnings per share of NT$4.98. The airline represents the most profitable unit under China Airlines.

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