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Tibet Airlines gets first A330
Tibet Airlines gets first A330
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Tibet Airlines gets first A330

Lhasa-based Tibet Airlines has received its first widebody aircraft, an A330-200 with increased 242t maximum take-off-weight (MTOW), following a handover in Toulouse, France. The increased MTOW allows airlines to operate from the high-altitude airports where take-off performance, additional range and improved operating costs are key.

The aircraft — the company’s first widebody airliner — is configured in a three-class cabin layout (12 business, 32 premium economy, 235 economy). It will be deployed to open up new international routes as part of the airline's plans to extend its route network beyond the 23 destinations it currently serves in China.

Tibet Airlines operates an all-Airbus fleet comprising 14 A319s and 2 A320s. It is known for its high-altitude operations with its operating base at Lhasa Airport at over 3,500m altitude.

Launched in 2012 as the platform for the A330neo, the 242t version of the A330-200 received EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certification in September 2015. The range of the A330-200 242t increases by up to 350 nautical miles/650 kilometres compared to the baseline 238t model, allowing flights up to 7,250 nm/ 13,400 km. Fuel consumption is reduced by up to 2% thanks to aerodynamic refinements and engine enhancements.

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