Thierry Breton addresses the European space community
Thierry Breton addresses the European space community
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Thierry Breton addresses the European space community

The European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services concluded the 12th Conference on European Space Policy. A much awaited speech.

On 22 January, European Commissioner Thierry Breton, in charge of the internal market, space and defense policy of the European Union, back from the Davos summit, closed the annual conference on European Space Policy, in Brussels.

His speech, lasted almost half an hour, confirmed his interest in space issues.

Above all, many participants noted a new tone.


Tough negotiations in prospect.

Thierry Breton first expressed his pride at the great successes of the community programs Egnoss, Galileo (from which he now expects an accuracy of 20 cm) and Copernicus.

Regarding the 2021-2027 multiannual budget, to be voted on at the end of the year, he expects tough negotiations. “But you can count on me”, he pledged.

The Commissioner in particular pointed out the need for surveillance of space traffic, underlined the interest of a government communications system (GovSatCom) and reaffirmed the need for independent access to space (with support for future European launchers Vega C and Ariane 6), not forgetting the technologies of the future (reusable or disruptive solutions).

He concluded recalling that “everything is connected”, and that all the success of the different sectors now lies in data management.

“I share your passion for space”, he ended, “and my sole wish is to help you do more, faster and better, for the future of Europe.”

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