The S-400 could be produced in Turkey
The S-400 could be produced in Turkey
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The S-400 could be produced in Turkey

While negotiations between Russia and Turkey continue concerning the Turkish acquisition of a second batch of S-400 missiles, these same missiles could be partly produced in Turkey under an agreement that has yet to be defined.

A second batch of S-400...

Ankara and Moscow are continuing negotiations on the acquisition of a second batch of S-400 air defense missiles and the possibility of future joint production, Turkish Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said Thursday.


...Potentially produced in part in Turkey

"Regarding the S-400, there are two separate topics, the first is the purchase of finished systems and the second is their joint production. Russian colleagues are currently negotiating with the Turkish Presidency of Defense Industries. We see no obstacle to working jointly with a country in the field of technology. We would be happy to work on projects with Russia that meet the interests of both countries," Varank said, adding that Turkey is undertaking a large-scale effort to develop its own air defense missile systems, including the Sungur and Hisar A+ systems.


A precedent for collaboration in the field of SAMs

This potential Russian-Turkish missile collaboration would not be a novelty in itself, as in the past Russia has worked with foreign nations and notably South Korea, with Almaz Antey as the main contributor to the program after the South Korean Defense Development Agency.



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