The group Ametra settles in India
The group Ametra settles in India
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The group Ametra settles in India

The French group Ametra and its Indian partner Nucon Aerospace inaugurates their new production plant settled at Hyderabad with orders already planned by Thales.

The strategic partnership between French and Indian industrialists in the aerospace and defense sector enter into a new era. After Dassault Aviation and Latécoère, the group Ametra, headed by Anne-Charlotte Fredenucci, to industrially settle in India. The group Ametra has inaugurated at Hyderabad a new production plant born from the joint-venture with its Indian partner Nucon Aerospace, already known by Thales and MBDA. The new French-Indian site, which represents an investment of a million euro for the group Ametra, currently employs 20 managers and operators dedicated to cabling and electronic integration. The facility will handle big production series.

Both Thales and Dassault Aviation executives were present at the inauguration of the site, one of which being Roque Carmona, Senior Vice President, Group Chief Procurement Officer, Thales Group. Indeed, Thales has already signed framework agreement for the design and manufacture of equipment for Ametra as well as an order for the integration of electric racks that will be manufactured within the next three years by Nucon Ametra, and an order for a cryogenic mechanical system for Nucon Aerospace. Benoît Berger, Senior Executive Vice President, Procurement and Purchasing, Dassault Aviation, congratulated this joint industrial establishment which “materializes the determination of the French companies partner of Dassault Aviation to contribute to the policy of “Make in India” for the mutual benefit of the Indian and French aeronautical industries”.

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