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The future of the Boeing 737 MAX in Europe
The future of the Boeing 737 MAX in Europe

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The future of the Boeing 737 MAX in Europe

In an interview with Air & Cosmos, EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky talks about the Boeing 737 MAX and the effects it could have for future EASA-FAA relations.

While the issue of commercial return of the Boeing 737 MAX is still pending, Patrick Ky, Executive Director of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), said in an interview with Air & Cosmos “there could be a slight shift in the Boeing 737 MAX's return-to-flight between the U.S. and Europe”. “We have to wait for the final reports of the investigations to know perfectly all the circumstances and all the factors contributing to the two accidents, but we feel that we know enough to be able to carry out our design review and make sure decisions about the return into service conditions of the aircraft ”, continues the Executive Director of the EASA. Asked about the European conditions for a return-to-flight of the Boeing 737 MAX, Patrick Ky replied: “once we will have completed our design review and finished certifying the changes proposed by Boeing... there will certainly be software changes and crew training, as a minimum.”

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