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Thales, SITA selected for Bahrain airport modernisation
Thales, SITA selected for Bahrain airport modernisation
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Thales, SITA selected for Bahrain airport modernisation

Thales and SITA will supply security and operations management systems as part of the Bahrain International Airport Modernisation Programme.

Bahrain’s Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications has chosen Thales and SITA to provide the security and operations management system for Bahrain International Airport. The new system is part of the airport’s Modernisation Programme, launched in 2015 with the aim of becoming a major regional economic hub for tourism and services.

The contract calls for the complete design and implementation of airport systems to keep pace with growth in traffic, forecast to reach 14 million passengers a year by 2020.

The programme includes the construction of a new passenger terminal and the expansion and refurbishment of the existing terminal. With a growing passenger flow, the two major challenges are to enhance the security and safety of passengers, airlines and staff, while making airport operations more manageable and more efficient.

Thales says its innovative security system will ensure continuity of operations, centralising the airport operations management and meeting all of the safety and security requirements, including counter-measures against cyber-attacks.

Thanks to smart data processing, the system will provide the operators with real-time security and operations situation awareness. The system will comprise cutting-edge technologies needed for airport management, such as smart video-protection, access control and biometrics, IT and telecommunication infrastructures.

The airport operators will rely on decision support tools and procedures to enable better and faster response times in case of emergency. The system will also allow operators to monitor airport performance.  

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