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Terra Drone, LG U+ launch unmanned traffic management system © Terra Drone

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Terra Drone, LG U+ launch unmanned traffic management system

Japan's Terra Drone and LG U+ of South Korea have launched the “U+ Smart Drone UTM System"

Terra Drone, a leading Japanese drone service provider, has partnered with South Korean cellular carrier LG U+ to launch South Korea's first unmanned traffic management (UTM) system.

The "U+ Smart Drone UTM System," which enables a drone to fly safely for disaster monitoring and logistic transport in Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) conditions and at night.

LG U + is a new entrant in the commercial drone business. The company recently demonstrated an autonomous drone taking off in a remote location, carrying out a mission and returning to the control centre without external intervention.

The newly launched UTM system enables the operator to confirm the position of a drone through the UTM system in BVLOS, connect to the UTM system via various portable devices such as PC / tablet/mobile and view Full High Definition (FHD) images taken by the drone through IPTV in real time — claimed to be a world first.

According to the two companies, the system enables drone operators to control drones at hundred kilometres away wherever the network is connected. It is also possible for multiple people to monitor a drone at the same time or one can make a flight plan for multiple drones.

The system can display information on weather (humidity, wind speed and direction), radio-field intensity, and the speed and position of the drone along its flight path.

Terra Drone Unmanned traffic management

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