Sodern upgrades its flagship startracker
Sodern upgrades its flagship startracker
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Sodern upgrades its flagship startracker

The Paris-based equipment manufacturer is launching the marketing of an improved version of Auriga, its off-the-shelf star tracker.

Industrial success

The flagship Auriga product from Paris-based equipment manufacturer Sodern (the world leader in star trackers) is a true industrial success, with more than 1 000 parts currently in orbit (on OneWeb constellation satellites, connectivity satellites, Earth observation satellites and numerous cubesats) and a 100% mission success rate.

Fabien Robert, Director of Sales & Marketing at Sodern, is pleased  " Auriga has revolutionized the startracker market both by its extremely compact design and price, which is much lower than a traditional sight, and by its manufacturing time of only a few hours. Auriga has established itself as a new standard in the star tracker market. Initially developed for OneWeb, more than fifty customers trust us today. "


Product Evolution

Targeting the market for small satellites under 500 kg and New Space projects starting at 6U, Sodern is launching the commercialization of an improved version of Auriga and a 26° baffle (in addition to the 35° baffle).

The new version benefits from improved optics and a thicker, more radiation-resistant housing.

These evolutions guarantee a lifetime of more than 15 years in geostationary orbit, and 10 years in low orbit (400-1 200 km).


Performance and availability

The Auriga star tracker, with its standardized components, is designed to meet cost reduction objectives while maintaining an excellent level of technical performance and reliability : it allows an acquisition of about 3 seconds for an accuracy of 5 arc seconds.

Its reduced volume (66 x 59 x 94 mm) and minimal mass (225 g) make it the most compact star finder in its category.

Its extremely advanced industrialization allows Sodern to guarantee a particularly short delivery time with permanently several hundred copies available on the shelf : for quantities less than or equal to 50 pieces, Auriga sights are available within two months after order.

Rarely in the space industry, prices are now posted online and a configurator is available : for an optical head alone including software, the starting price excluding VAT is €49,000 €, and from €45,000 for the electronic unit depending on the required configuration.


As a reminder, Sodern will introduce its daytime star tarcker in June, as part of the Salon du Bourget 2023.

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