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Singapore 2018: Airbus picks Thales for Asia-Pacific MRO
Singapore 2018: Airbus picks Thales for Asia-Pacific MRO
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Singapore 2018: Airbus picks Thales for Asia-Pacific MRO

Thales will be Airbus’ subcontractor for MRO across Asia-Pacific for repair of all avionics components on Airbus single-aisle, long-range and A350 aircraft for seven years.

Airbus has selected Thales as its subcontractor in the Asia-Pacific region (except mainland China) for the component repair of all avionics designed and manufactured by Airbus. The scope of the contract covers repairs of Airbus avionics components installed on all Airbus single aisle and long-range aircraft, as well as its A350 fleet, throughout Asia-Pacific, for the next seven years.

All repairs will be carried out from the Thales regional maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) hub in Singapore. This hub has long been the Asia-Pacific nerve centre for Thales’s own MRO network of 3 repair hubs and 22 repair centres across the world, and was expanded in 2017 to accommodate for a huge increase in scope of work.

This latest contract effectively makes Singapore the largest of the group’s three global repair hubs, with an estimated 40,000 pieces of equipment a year passing through its facility in Changi North Rise. The group's other two avionics repair sites are located in Chatellerault, France and Piscataway, USA.

Thales in Singapore also produces key systems for the Airbus A320, A350 and Boeing 787 fleets. Since January 2017, Thales has also provided repair operations and supported a Customer Support Centre (CSC) for Diehl Aerospace’s Singaporean subsidiary, serving Diehl’s regional customers, underscoring the strategic location of Singapore as an aerospace hub for the region.

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