Serbia orders MBDA’s Mistral 3 missiles
Serbia orders MBDA’s Mistral 3 missiles

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Serbia orders MBDA’s Mistral 3 missiles

MBDA has been awarded Serbia’s first European missile contract for its air defense systems Mistral 3.

Serbian Ministry of Defense signed a contract with MBDA for the acquisition of Mistral 3 short-range air defense systems. The signature took place while the French President Emmanuel Macron was visiting Serbia in mid-July. This agreement includes launchers for dismounted soldiers, related equipment and logistics, and the provision of technical and material assistance for the integration of the Mistral missile on the PASARS vehicles of the Serbian Armed Forces.

Attending the contract signature, Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA, said: “Serbia is invited to join as a new member of the Mistral user club and becomes a new partner for MBDA. But above all, this contract is the first milestone of a cooperation that we are going to build together with Serbia whose security objectives are similar to those of France and of the European Union.”

The latest generation of the Mistral family is able to engage air targets presenting a low thermal signature, such as missiles and RPASs.

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