Safran Landing Systems settles in Lyon area
Safran Landing Systems settles in Lyon area
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Safran Landing Systems settles in Lyon area

Safran Landing Systems will open a fourth site, near Lyon this time, in Freyzin. The plant will eventually employ 200 people.

Safran Landing Systems establishes a new plant in Feyzin, near Lyon. Philippe Petitcolin, Chief Executive Officer of Safran, made the announcement in presence of the president of the French republic, Emmanuel Macron and Ross McInnes, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Safran. This new plant will reinforce the three current industrial sites of Safran Landing Systems: the historical plant of Villeurbanne which is also the global research center for friction materials, the one at Walton, Kentucky in the United States, and the one in Sendayan in Malaysia. 200 employees will eventually join Safran Landing Systems’s new plant.

“Our new plant will feature an innovative modular design, allowing it to develop in line with market requirements over the coming decades,” said Jean-Paul Alary, CEO of Safran Landing Systems. The facility will incorporate the full range of “Factory 4.0” technologies. Along with this project, the company is launching a major Research & Technology program in partnership with laboratories, universities and small businesses in the region, backed by support from the federal and local governments.

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