Sabotage of a Russian Su-27 in Vladivostok
Sabotage of a Russian Su-27 in Vladivostok
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Sabotage of a Russian Su-27 in Vladivostok

A video published on social networks confirms that a Russian fighter plane has been sabotaged. This one was on the base of Uglovoye, not far from Vladivostok, in Russia, when opponents of the Russian regime set fire to its landing gear.

Since March 10, this video has been spinning on social networks:

As described in the caption, one or more people describing themselves as partisans (opposed to the political regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin) managed to break into the Uglovoye Air Base (Primority Krai, Russia), located about 30 kilometers north of the very important Russian naval base of Vladivostok. The video starts under the wing of a fighter plane, identified as a Su-27, with a quick fire start. The saboteurs probably set fire to an extremely flammable liquid.

The video is very short and does not formally identify the aircraft in question, although it is clearly a landing gear from an Su-27, Su-30, Su-33 or Su-35 aircraft.

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