Saab starts production of T-7A’s aft
Saab starts production of T-7A’s aft
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Saab starts production of T-7A’s aft

Saab starts to produce the aft fuselage section of the T-7A Red Hawk aircraft, the advanced trainer developed and produced together with Boeing for the United States Air Force.

On January 10, Saab started assembly production of seven aft units of the T-7A Red Hawk. The work is being performed in Linkoping, Sweden. Final assembly will be carried out at Boeing’s U.S. facility in St. Louis, Missouri. Indeed, Boeing is the designated prime contractor for the T-7A advanced pilot training system acquisition by the U.S. Air Force. Saab received an EMD order from Boeing, on September 18, 2018, to support the T-7A Red Hawk development and become a risk-sharing partner.

Future production of Saab’s part for the T-7A will be moved to the Swedish manufacturer’s new U.S. site in West Lafayette, Indiana. “The facility in West Lafayette is an important part of Saab’s growth strategy in the United States, creating strong organic capabilities for the development, manufacturing and sales of its products”, specifies the manufacturer.

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