Saab reveals first GlobalEye AEW&C aircraft
Saab reveals first GlobalEye AEW&C aircraft
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Saab reveals first GlobalEye AEW&C aircraft

The aircraft presented on 23rd February is the first of three ordered by the United Arab Emirates.

Saab has rolled out the first GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) aircraft at its Linköping site, Sweden.

GlobalEye - an enhanced version of the Swordfish maritime patrol aircraft - is an advanced, swing-role airborne surveillance system based on a Bombardier Global 6000 bizjet platform.

Saab says the GlobalEye AEW&C combines air, maritime and ground surveillance in one single solution. The aircraft features a full suite of sensors including the powerful new extended-range Erieye ER radar mounted on the ultra-long range Global 6000.

The first aircraft is equipped and being prepared for ground and flight trials to gather aerodynamic data as part of the ongoing development and production programme.

The development and production contract was awarded at the Dubai Air Show in November 2015 by the United Arab Emirates with an initial order for two systems. An additional order by the UAE for a third system was announced in 2017.

According to Saab, the GlobalEye solution offers extended detection range, endurance and the ability to perform multiple roles with a single solution, including tasks such as search & rescue, border surveillance and military operations.

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