Saab promotes Swordfish enhancements
Saab promotes Swordfish enhancements
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Saab promotes Swordfish enhancements

Saab has expanded the operational capabilities of its Swordfish maritime patrol aircraft, based on the Bombardier Global 6000 bizjet.

Saab reports further enhancements to its Swordfish Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), with the addition of new mission equipment and expanded operational capabilities. Launched at the Singapore Air Show in 2016, the Swordfish MPA is based on Bombardier’s ultra-long range, Global 6000 bizjet platform. Swordfish is also being offered on Bombardier’s Q400 turboprop.

Recent product development milestones at Saab and Bombardier have validated a significant increase in the available payload carried on Swordfish’s four, NATO-compatible hard points. The aircraft can now be armed with up to six lightweight-torpedoes for the ASW role.

Swordfish can also carry the Saab RBS 15EF anti-ship missile or a mix of missiles and torpedoes. The aircraft can also carry a load of four search-and-rescue pods.

According to Saab, the aircraft’s ASW suite enables Swordfish to locate, track and classify the most advanced, high-threat sub-surface targets for several hours, with a higher probability of detection.

In parallel with Swordfish, Saab’s GlobalEye AEW&C system continues progress with three units currently in production. Swordfish shares around 70% commonality with its GlobalEye sistership including the Global 6000 platform, mission management system, electronic warfare and self-protection systems, AESA radar, electro-optics, AIS and the majority of communications systems.

Saab says it is committed to expanding its presence in the Asia-Pacific zone and working with local industries in the region to deliver, support and sustain the Swordfish MPA in the future.

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