Rockwell Collins France, Sabena Technics form C-130 upgrade team © C.Cosmao

Rockwell Collins France, Sabena Technics form C-130 upgrade team

Rockwell Collins France (RCF) and MRO specialist Sabena Technics have teamed up to compete for the modernisation of 14 C-130H transport aircraft in service with the French Air Force. The French defence procurement agency DGA launched a call for bids earlier this year, though the scope of the contract has yet to be officially announced.

Marshall Aerospace, Thales and Air France Industries are also reportedly preparing a joint proposal, and Portugal’s Ogma — which has provided C-130H support services since 2008 — is another potential contender.

RCF, which has been present in Toulouse for over 50 years, has worked alongside Sabena Technics on several programmes over the past 20 years, including C-130 upgrade programmes in France and other European countries. Sabena Technics is a subsidiary of France’s TAT Group.

RCF is proposing its Flight2 avionics solution, billed as the only offering to have been awarded a design certificate by Lockheed Martin. Flight 2 has already been installed on 2,900 aircraft worldwide. Sabena Technics would carry out installation work at its Bordeaux facility.

If selected in France, the two partners could take aim at markets further afield, i.e. the dozens of C-130s in service in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, as well as other platforms.

Sabena Technics Rockwell Collins France C-130H

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