Robobrosse: A signature innovation by The MRO Lab
Robobrosse: A signature innovation by The MRO Lab

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Robobrosse: A signature innovation by The MRO Lab

AFI KLM E&M's The MRO Lab CRMA presents a new cleaning robot, initially developed to automate a difficult and repetitive task: the descaling of brake pistons.

Capacity to process sixteen aviation brake pistons

It is a machine that has been designed, assembled, hardwired and programmed internally at AFI KLM E&M’s MRO Lab CRMA: based on a six-axis robot design, this innovative tool is intended for integration into a structure with the capacity to process sixteen aviation brake pistons or even other engine parts such as the ones of the HPC forward cases. The arm is linked to a pneumatic motor and tipped with a brush that cleans the interior of each piston, in order to remove carbon deposits. The Robobrosse (‘robo-brush’) is pre-programmed, and capable of operating autonomously without human supervision – an innovation that will benefit not only the fleets of AFI KLM E&M’s parent companies, but also its airline customers.

Safety and Simplicity

“Up until now, this task was performed by hand, notably via the use of rotating brushes or cutters. It was a long, repetitive and tiresome operation, which over the course of a year amounted to the equivalent of a full-time job. Moreover, it generated significant amounts of dust. By ‘outsourcing’ this task to the Robobrosse, whose design enables it to vacuum up particles as it works, we are also getting rid of a health risk. Its use also frees up time for the operators, who can now focus on other tasks with greater added value,” explains Erwan Guerin, CRMA’s Innovation Manager.

Adaptiveness® with the MRO Lab

As demonstrated by this latest CRMA innovation, the internal development of robotic capabilities brings AFI KLM E&M enhanced flexibility. Once a need has been identified, the design process can be launched quickly in order to optimize timeframes and reduce costs. Operators are quick to adopt these innovations, as they are involved in the project from the outset of the design phase. Once brought into service, the teams remain independently responsible for their operational maintenance and the development of future upgrades. The objective remains the same: putting the full range of AFI KLM E&M’s innovation capabilities to work for our customers.

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