Portugal orders Embraers KC-390
Portugal orders Embraers KC-390
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Portugal orders Embraers KC-390

Portugal has decided to acquire five Embraer KC-390 and thus becomes the first to import the Brazilian tactical transport airplane.

On July 11, Embraer announced Portugal approved the acquisition of five multi-mission KC-390. These aircraft will modernize the Portuguese Air Force by replacing the Lockheed Martin C-130s. The deliveries will start on 2023 and end on 2027. By joining the Portuguese forces, the Embraer KC-390 will increase their capacity thanks to its multirole aspect. Indeed, the aircraft can lead civil and military missions such as humanitarian relief, research and rescue missions, troops and cargo transport and even aerial refueling.

Even if Portugal is a major partner of the KC-390 program and the first importer of the aircraft, Brazil stay the major client of the KC-390. The National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil awarded the aircraft’s civil certification in 2018. Its entry into service within the Brazilian forces should occur in a few months. Besides the purchasing of the five KC-390s, the Portuguese Council of Ministers expressed its wish to acquire a flight simulator and benefit from a logistic support. A €827 million worth enveloppe has been earmarked.

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