Paris Air Show 2019
Paris Air Show 2019: Safran sets a European partnership for the Euroflir 610 © Emmanuel Huberdeau

| Alexandre Rocchi

Paris Air Show 2019: Safran sets a European partnership for the Euroflir 610

Safran has signed a partnership involving Hensoldt and Mades to develop the Euroflir 610 put forward for the MALE RPA drone European program.

On the occasion of the Paris Air Show, Safran has officially signed an agreement with the German company Hensoltd and the Spanish company Mades to develop the Euroflir 610. A system put forward by the manufacturers for the drone MALE European program (European MALE RPAS).

L’Euroflir 610 is an optronic sphere derived from the Euroflir 410 which is already part of the tactical UAV Patroller. Flight profiles of MALE UAV which needs higher performances and a carrying capacity enabling the aircraft to carry heavier charges, have lead Safran to imagine the Euroflir 610. The system will be drawn on the Euroflir 410’s architecture and part of its subsystems. But it will operate larger — and thus more efficient — optics. Safran believes that risks will be lower if the system derives from an already operative system.

The Eurodrone program was entrusted to Airbus, Dassault Aviation and Leonardo. The partnership between Hensoldt and Mades enables Safran to also introduce a European offer, besides being prevailing. Hensoldt has a solid experience in the electronics defense system field and Mades is a historical provider of Safran for electronic cards.

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