Paris Air Show 2019
Paris Air Show 2019: Korean Air buys 30 B787 Dreamliners © KOREAN AIR

| Alexandre Rocchi

Paris Air Show 2019: Korean Air buys 30 B787 Dreamliners

The Korean company announced its intention to acquire 20 B787-10 and an additional B787-9.

Walter Cho, chairman of Korean Air said that the Dreamliner “will become the backbone of our long-haul fleet for many years to come”, during the acquisition of  30 new aircraft of this flagship model of Boeing portfolio.

Korean Air’s purchase agreement involves 20 B787-10s (10 of which leased by ALC) and 10 B787-9s. The purchase is valued at $6.3 billion.

“In addition to 25 percent improvement on fuel efficiency, the stretched 787-10 offers around 15 per cent more space for passengers and cargo than our 787-9s”, added Walter Cho. Korean Air will have a 40 Dreamliners fleet once the deliveries would be completed. All these aircraft are equipped with GEnx engines. It is also important to mention Korean Air Aerospace manufactures wings and fuselage for Boeing 787 aircraft.

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