Paris Air Show 2019
Paris Air Show 2019: French air transport reasserts its commitment to environment © Charles Martinon

| Alexandre Rocchi

Paris Air Show 2019: French air transport reasserts its commitment to environment

On the eve of the 40th General Assembly of the ICAO, a declaration on the fight against climate change was co-signed by the Gifas, UAF, Air France, Groupe ADP and the FNAM.

While the 40th General Assembly of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) will soon formalize the effective launch of the CORSIA system (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation), the main stakeholders of the French air transport have took the opportunity to reassert during the Paris Air Show their commitment to environment in a declaration jointly signed by Eric Trappier from the Gifas and Thomas Juin from the UAF (French Airports Union), Anne Rigail from Air France, Augustin de Roman from Groupe ADP and Alain Battisti from the FNAM (National Federation of Commercial Aviation).

This declaration first reaffirms the importance of the French air transport which contributes by 4.3% to the national GDP and generates 320 000 direct jobs. Then, it describes again the great international commitments to environmental matters. Under the commitments linked to CORSIA, every stakeholder of the global air transport rallied to guarantee a carbon-neutral growth by 2020, as well as a 50% CO2 emission reduction by 2050 (by comparison with 2005). To participate to these goals, the French air transport invests each year more than €5 billion in research and technology, to develop greener airplanes, new propulsion means, aerodynamic enhancements and alternative fuels. The French State sustains these efforts via the CORAC (Council for the French civil aeronautics research).

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