Paris Air Show 2017
Paris 2017: record orders for CFMI
Paris 2017: record orders for CFMI
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Paris 2017: record orders for CFMI

CFM International (Safran/GE) has announced orders for 1,658 engines, plus long-term service agreements, worth more than $27bn.

CFM International has logged record orders at the Paris Air Show, receiving orders for 1,658 LEAP and CFM56s, in addition to long-term service agreements, at a value of more than $27.3bn at list prices.  

The Franco-US engine maker is riding on the back of big orders for the Boeing 737 MAX (powered by the LEAP-1B) and Airbus A320neo (LEAP-1A).

The company will leave the Show with a total 2017 order book of more than 2,850 and total LEAP orders on the books for more than 14,000.

"This air show has far surpassed all of our expectations," said Gaël Méheust, president and CEO of CFM International.

Orders were announced this week from:

Spring Airlines (120 LEAP-1As)

IAG (110 LEAP-1As & Rate Per Flight Hour agreement)

GECAS (200 LEAP-1As)

CDB Leasing (92 LEAP-1Bs)

Spice Jet (40 LEAP-1Bs)

Tibet Financial Leasing (40 LEAP-1Bs)

ICBC Leasing (80 LEAP-1As)


BOC Aviation (20 LEAP-1Bs)

Lion Air (100 LEAP-1Bs)

Aviation Capital Group (40 LEAP-1Bs)

China Southern (100 LEAP-1As)

Air Lease Corporation (50 LEAP-1As)

China Eastern (140 LEAP-1As & Rate Per Flight Hour agreement)

K5 Aviation (2 LEAP-1As)

Avolon Leasing (150 LEAP-1Bs)

Okay (30 LEAP-1Bs)

Blue Air (12 LEAP-1Bs)

Ryan Air (20 LEAP-1Bs)

CALC (100 LEAP-1Bs)

Norwegian (4 LEAP-1Bs)

Japan Investor Advisors (20 LEAP-1Bs)

VEB Leasing (40 LEAP-1As)

VEB Leasing (44 LEAP-1Bs)

Delta Airlines (20 CFM56-5Bs)

Arkia (Rate Per Flight Hour agreement)

THY (Rate Per Flight Hour agreement)

Air Lease Corporation (24 LEAP-1Bs)

Ethiopian (20 LEAP-1Bs).


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