Paris Air Show 2017
Paris 2017: L3 displays Longsword, SPYDR II
Paris 2017: L3 displays Longsword, SPYDR II
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Paris 2017: L3 displays Longsword, SPYDR II

L3 is showing the latest enhancement to the AT-802L Longsword missionized aircraft, along with the King Air-based SPYDR II tactical ISR aircraft

L3 Technologies announced on the eve of the Show that it has received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the updated digital avionics and cockpit for its AT-802L Longsword missionized aircraft.

The AT-802L Longsword is an ISR and light strike platform developed by L3 with aircraft manufacturer Air Tractor, Inc. L3 is exhibiting the Longsword platform as part of its outdoor static display.

The STC provides a proven, certified cockpit for the AT-802, which includes the Garmin G600 system, and features dual-screen Primary/Multi-Function displays, an air data computer and attitude/heading reference system, a digital intercommunication system, and an L3 next-generation Electronic Standby Instrument System.

The avionics enhancement adds to a long series of certifications for AT-802L Longsword ISR mission aircraft, including an FAA STC and Military Type Certification for the aircraft in 2016. These certifications apply to the full mission aircraft for operation above 22,000 feet, as well as civil avionics and military EO/IR, data links and communications.

The AT-802L is based on the successful 802-series of Air Tractor agricultural aircraft, more than 700 of which have been delivered by Air Tractor.

L3 is also showing the King Air-based SPYDR II tactical ISR aircraft featuring L3’s Rapid Aircraft Payload Deployment System (RAPDS), which is designed to enable the aircraft to be reconfigured for mission operations in a very short time frame. L3 says that the RAPDS architecture is supported by multiple, tailorable STCs, allowing operators to quickly switch between customized payload combinations to meet specific mission requirements.

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