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Paris 2017: ECA Group, Nicomatic offer new electrical testing solution © ECA Group

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Paris 2017: ECA Group, Nicomatic offer new electrical testing solution

ECA Group and Nicomatic are teaming to develop a new, more user-friendly electrical testing solution to locate wiring faults in civil and military aircraft.

ECA Group, specialized in the design and integration of testing solutions for the aeronautics industry, and Nicomatic, a manufacturer and designer of interconnect solutions, are combining their know-how and formalizing their partnership at Le Bourget (19th-25th June).

The two partners (Hall 2B F108 and D79) are currently developing an electrical testing solution designed for both civilian and military aerospace customers that is able to precisely locate wiring faults in any type of aircraft.

The solution is the result of the successful integration of Nicomatic’s SmartCo technological module within ECA's T-CELL technology.

SmartCo is a solution that uses reflectometry, a diagnostics method based on the principle used by radar. The innovation behind the SmartCo solution is that it combines reflectometry with communication using the new Orthogonal Multi-tone Time Domain Reflectometry (OMTDR) method. This OMTDR technology is able to perform preventive maintenance and detect faults within a wired network more quickly.

The T-CELL technology developed by ECA Group performs a battery of electrical tests on board aircraft.

According to the two companies, the combination of these innovations results in tools that are more user-friendly and compact when working on complex electrical networks. Users will be able to reduce the down-time of their aircraft and better anticipate certain issues through preventive action.

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