More Russian-made parts for the MC-21 © Irkut

| Alexandre Rocchi

More Russian-made parts for the MC-21

Russia continues with its policy of parts’ substitution for the MC-21 program. The objective is to replace all the foreign components with Russian-made elements.

Technodinamika, Rostec’s subsidiary, will manufacture MC-21 twin-jet’s wheels.

Previously, the reinforcement of U.S. sanctions toward Russia had interrupted the supply of raw materials to United Aircraft Corporation. That forced the aircraft manufacturer to introduce a series of changes to the MC-21 program.

According to AeroComposit — the company using vacuum infusion procedure and producing structural elements of the MC-21, including  wing box, central wing box and wing panels — the replacement of foreign suppliers with local suppliers does not bring any major changes to the production process.

Technodinamika already produces certain parts and components for the twin-jet, including an electrical power supply as well as inert gas and fire-protection systems.

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