LCH performs rocket-firing trials
LCH performs rocket-firing trials
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LCH performs rocket-firing trials

After successful completion of basic performance flight testing and outstation trials for cold weather, hot weather and hot & high altitude testing in 2015, the Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) has achieved another milestone with the successful firing of 70mm rockets from prototype TD-3 in weaponized configuration.

HAL indicates that certification firing trials are planned in April/May, adding that LCH will participate in the Indian Air Force “Iron Fist 2016” exercise on March 18, 2016.

LCH TD-3 is integrated with Electro-Optical (EO) System, Solid State Digital Video Recording System (SSDVR) and 70mm rocket system in conjunction with an updated glass cockpit software to cater for rocket firing.

LCH is a 5.5t class combat helicopter designed and developed by HAL. It is powered by two Shakti engines — a licence-built version of the Turbomeca Ardiden — and inherits many technical features of the Advanced Light Helicopter.

The first prototype helicopter performed its inaugural flight on 23rd March 2010. LCH completed performance trials paving the way for certification of the basic configuration in October 2015.

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