Latécoère launches strategic redeployment plan
Latécoère launches strategic redeployment plan
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Latécoère launches strategic redeployment plan

French aerostructures specialist Latécoère has unveiled Transformation 2020, its strategic project to prepare for the next cycle of new aircraft programmes expected over the period 2020-2025. The company says the project — part of the Boost plan launched in 2014 — aims to boost competitiveness and adapt to the needs of its aerospace industry customers within an increasingly demanding competitive ecosystem.

Commenting on the project, Latécoère CEO Frédéric Michelland said: "This plan is destined to equip the Group with a robust industrial model and investment programme allowing it to reposition itself within higher value-added segments.”

Over the 2017-2021 period, Latécoère is expected to devote nearly €100m to manufacturing investments and to double resources for its R&T projects. The Group is studying a possible disposal of Latécoère Services, though no decision has been made to date.

Adaptation of the Group's industrial model would entail:

  •  reinforcing the Gimont and Liposthey plants;
  •  creating a new production site near the Group's Toulouse headquarters, representing an investment of approximately €20m;
  •  a new facility in Bulgaria to host light, low-added value assembly operations;
  •  continuing international development involving the transfer of some activities closer to customers and reducing flows between sites.

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