Joby Aviation to deliver two aircraft to Edwards Air Force Base
Joby Aviation to deliver two aircraft to Edwards Air Force Base
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Joby Aviation to deliver two aircraft to Edwards Air Force Base

Joby's contract with the U.S. Air Force is now worth $131 million and includes the supply of nine Joby aircraft. The first two will be delivered to Edwards Air Force Base, becoming the first electric air cab to be stationed at a U.S. Air Force base. USAF pilots recently flew Joby aircraft, becoming the first to complete an eVTOL transition flight as the sole pilot flying.

9 Joby aircraft delivered... 

Joby Aviation today announced the third extension to its contract with the U.S. Air Force. This $55 million contract extension brings the total potential value of Joby's current contract with the Air Force to $131 million. Under the agreement, Joby will deliver and operate up to nine of its five-seat ADAVe (eVTOL) aircraft, allowing the US Air Force and as well as other federal agencies to gain first-hand experience of the performance of Joby's aircraft and its potential applications.

...Including 2 at Edwards AFB in California 

The first two aircraft are expected to be delivered to Edwards AFB in California in early 2024, and will be used to demonstrate a range of potential logistics use cases, including cargo and passenger transport. In doing so, they are expected to become the first electric air cabs to be stationed on a U.S. military base. Today's announcement comes days after four U.S. Air Force pilots, hosted by Joby at its Marina, Calif. facility, became the first members of the Air Force to fly an ADAVe (eVTOL) as the sole pilot-in-command throughout the entire flight envelope, including the transition from vertical to level flight. The flights, which were flown remotely from the ground, took place after theoretical and simulator training and are part of the U.S. Air Force's overall approach to studying ADAVe (eVTOL) and its potential future role.

A partnership that goes back more than five years 

Joby's partnership with the Department of Defense began more than five years ago and allows the company to access test facilities, gain early operational experience for government customers, as well as partially offset its research and development costs. Joby announced in August 2022 that the Marine Corps would participate in government-led flight testing and exploration of use cases, including logistical resupply, personnel transport and emergency medical response applications.

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US Air Force flying the Joby eVTOL...With a full-flight simulator.. © Joby Aviation
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