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JAL launches business jet venture © Marubeni

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JAL launches business jet venture

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Marubeni are creating a new business jet joint venture to meet expanding demand in Japan.

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Marubeni have announced the establishment of a new business jet joint venture to meet expanding demand for such service in Japan. 

Services will include arrangement of charter flights, management of privately owned aircraft and operational and concierge services to business jet operators and customers flying to Japan.

The new company plans to start service during the spring of 2019.

Marubeni is a general trading company involved in world-wide business activities in a wide-range of fields. In the aviation sector, Marubeni provides sales agency services for commercial aircraft, business jets and engines, as well as investing in engine development programmes, aircraft leasing, engine leasing, and various other services including aircraft components, airport ground handling services, etc.

In 2012, Marubeni took a controlling interest in U.S. parts trader Magellan Aviation Group, followed by an investment in Aircastle Limited, a U.S. aircraft leasing company, in 2013.

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